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Nic Freeman

Mist-veiled, ancient and peacefully picturesque, Scotland’s Isle of Skye is like a mystical forgotten land, chronicled in a dusty, leather-bound book. It is clear that nature rules there: stern peaks plunge into deep lochs with mighty authority; mist and cloud hover like a defensive old sage; and the wind whispers tales of the ages. It is place to revere, and a place where reflection comes easily as you stare out to the horizon.

Rainbow morning -  Isle of Skye, Scotland

We arrived in the afternoon after a slow drive through the aubergine moors and rocky slopes of the Scottish highlands. While the roads were narrow and winding, we welcomed time to admire the brute beauty around us.

Eilean Donan - castle - near Isle of Skye, Scotland

I was charmed by the sudden view of Eilean Donan, the famous Scottish castle perched at the junction of three steely grey lochs, like a tired queen on her watery throne. Somehow my castle-radar had missed her on the map…

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Inspirational Ebook

Inspirational ebook by Eva Tenter
Inspirational ebook by Eva Tenter

Inspirational ebook by an ex-sufferer of depression, anxiety, panic attacks and eating disorders. Eva found happiness, love, inner peace and joy after 26 years of spiraling in the negativity vortex.

“How can I get happy?” – Eva teaches by example

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“What’s Your #1 Excuse” by Dr. Joe Vitale

Article by Dr. Joe Vitale – “What’s Your #1 Excuse?”

by Dr. Joe Vitale

“Before my latest book, “The Attractor Factor,” became a #1 bestseller at Barnes and Noble online last week, people told me I was nuts to try to promote a book when Harry Potter was already in the top spot.

“You don’t stand a chance,” one author wrote. “Why don’t you wait until Potter is off the list?”

After my book hit the streets, made all the lists, beat Trump, Da Vinci, and even Harry Potter, some people said, “Well, okay, but that only happened because the new Harry Potter book isn’t in print yet.”

Gee. How come Potter was #1 then?

Still others suggested that perhaps the Trump and Da Vinci books were just having a really bad day.

Yea. Riiiiiiight.

I marvel at the thinking of some people. No matter what you say or do, they stick to their excuses and stay negative, limited, and stuck. Yet they don’t see it. They think, “I’m just being objective.”

Are they?”

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Instant relaxation! Thank you


“Calm Water, Lost Horizon” – Inle Lake, Myanmar – Bill Schaefer – Featured Photographer

Give a squee for sea otters


First, thank you to everyone who liked, commented on, and shared my previous post!  Your response was amazing!

I got a clear message that you like cuteness.  So I have a cuteness challenge for you: baby sea otters (and sea otters in general).  Read on if you dare, because this post will be peppered with presh pictures that will probably make you squee.

And I don’t want to give you the impression that only the pups are cute.  Adult sea otters are incredibly endearing.  Sea otters are a delight to watch, even (especially?) when snoozing or simply wrapped up in kelp.

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End City Begin Desert

The dead and the living, dawn or dusk, on the domes and spires of all the west is ineffably beautiful.  Its dry desert country crowds the libraries of heart and mind with volumes of inescapable yearning.  The flaming glory of the sun scorches the path.  So that touring, not too much unlike the dealing of cards, boot by boot plays wild into the landscapes new and fresh, left untouched by the societies of man.

Listen to “Ecstasy of Gold” by Ennion Morricone from the movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” while you read this post for an enhanced experience. I know, kind of corny.

Thar’s drawings in them thar hills.  Of which, I stumbled across quite by accident!  Y’all will get some clues as to where, but in respect to those who came before us and the sensitive nature of the petroglyphs, I would rather leave this to…

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Simply beautiful! Love it!

Of Light & Lens

Since I left Longwood Gardens with 300 photos in my memory card, I thought I’d break them down a bit.

If you’d like to see part two, go here!





















I am gonna end this set with my very favorite photo. It is how I wish all of these photos turned out. Everything relevant is in focus, it’s beautifully lit, it’s crisp, and beautiful. You get this because you scrolled to the end of the post!


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