“What’s Your #1 Excuse” by Dr. Joe Vitale

Article by Dr. Joe Vitale – “What’s Your #1 Excuse?”

by Dr. Joe Vitale

“Before my latest book, “The Attractor Factor,” became a #1 bestseller at Barnes and Noble online last week, people told me I was nuts to try to promote a book when Harry Potter was already in the top spot.

“You don’t stand a chance,” one author wrote. “Why don’t you wait until Potter is off the list?”

After my book hit the streets, made all the lists, beat Trump, Da Vinci, and even Harry Potter, some people said, “Well, okay, but that only happened because the new Harry Potter book isn’t in print yet.”

Gee. How come Potter was #1 then?

Still others suggested that perhaps the Trump and Da Vinci books were just having a really bad day.

Yea. Riiiiiiight.

I marvel at the thinking of some people. No matter what you say or do, they stick to their excuses and stay negative, limited, and stuck. Yet they don’t see it. They think, “I’m just being objective.”

Are they?”

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