The Whole World is My Family…

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Large Version of Card Front.
The whole world is my family – Pope John XXIII
Recently I was asked to explain my ‘connector of people’ comment so here goes…
I love people…I enjoy meeting them, getting to know them and helping them.  I love spreading sunshine!  There have been many times recently where I’ve been at just the right place at the right time to help someone whom I didn’t even know until then…a complete stranger who needed help and it just so happened that I knew the right person who could give that help.  Now I was not the right person that they necessarily needed, but I was able to be a conduit to that right person.  Does this make sense?
My business helps people to connect with others through personalized, old fashioned correspondence in a high tech way.   Firsthand, I’ve experienced and seen the difference that getting a card in the mail can…

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