Want real peace… the kind that all the yogis talk about? Stop “Flittering.” Flittering as in going back and forth. Have you observed how if your attention doesn’t like what’s happening “out there” in the world, it goes “inside” to have a conversation about it? What Eckhart Tolle calls, “The voice in the head.”

Have you also noticed that when your attention doesn’t like what’s going on internally, it seeks refuge outside in the “world” in the form of drugs (alcohol is a drug), money, fame, sex, exercise, eating, relationships, prestige, etc (basically, MORE).

So, inside looks to outside to “fix it” or make it “feel better,” and outside looks to inside to makes sense of what it is experiencing and assure it everything is going to be okay!

What the yogi knows is that game of mental ping-pong comes at too high a price: your inner peace. Be as…

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  1. Hi Eva!

    Beautiful Blog that you have! And I must say my “Stop ‘Flitteringl” post looks nice on your site and hope it can help others. I suffered from chronic depression most of my life and the thing that has helped the most, by far, was awakening. Seeing clearly that I was not my body or my mind. That the arising depression was NOT me. Once I saw this, the pain/suffering from the depression pretty much went away and has not come back for over 2 years now.

    In fact, someone on facebook recently asked me:

    “How did you overcome your depression?”

    I replied: “By seeing that I was not the depression.”

    Questioner: “Did you use a technique, for instance a kind of meditation, exercise, or something on a practical level?”

    Me: “No technique… I just saw that it wasn’t me.”

    Questioner: “Ha ha… difficult.”

    Much Love,


    1. Hi Michael, I know exactly what you mean. I overcame my mental illnesses the same way…once I realized that I am not any of those things, everything just became so clear and wonderful. 🙂 And when I understood that time is one- there is no past, no future, only the current moment – wow what an eye opener that moment was. I have always known the saying that “we only have now”, but I never completely understood it until I started awakening.
      Much love,


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