Declutter Your Life

Emotions associated with happiness
Emotions associated with happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Decluttering my life has been one of the key aspects in getting healed from depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks. If you remove clutter from your home, relationships and thoughts (i.e. from your life in general), then everything in your life starts becoming clearer with each day.

Tips for decluttering can be found from a lot of books and self-improvement websites, but I would still give you a few simple tips from my side that I have personally found most useful.

Decluttering your home

Throw away everything that you have not used for 6 months – and I do mean EVERY material item, not just clothes and footwear.

Being as detached as possible to all your material possessions is one of the main keys to emotional freedom as well.

Decluttering your relationships

By decluttering your relationships I mean cutting the socializing cords with every person that injects negativity / emotional toxins into your life. You do not have to socialize with everyone on the planet – it is not even possible. 🙂 So never feel like you HAVE TO socialize with someone. There is no such obligation.

If you personally feel that someone in your life has a toxic effect on you, then feel free to let that relationship go.

Decluttering your thoughts

By decluttering your relationships, your thoughts start to declutter automatically, because the negative influences that were there before, are now gone. This means that your mind has more time to focus on the positive and this is exactly what you need to do in order to find your own happiness and inner peace. Just keep your focus on the positive at all times!

Do everything that you love and cut out all actions/relationships/obligations from your life that you do not enjoy. Enjoying life brings happiness not only to yourself, but also to everyone around you. And happiness creates more happiness, exactly like negativity creates more negativity.

So get happy now and do the things you enjoy!

To end up my post on decluttering your life – here is one amazing video by Abraham Hicks about Creating Positive Expectations


34 thoughts on “Declutter Your Life

  1. I totally follow the declutter rules. I totally empty my house of clutter – 6 month rule applied. I also limit or eliminate the negative people in my life. It is most helpful. I feel all of this really cuts out the chaos in my life. Must keep it simple. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I totally agree that decluttering can reduce the stress and anxiety. I would not, however, minimize how painful it can be to get rid of some of the things that used to be part of our lives. It takes courage. But it’s worth it.


  3. Thank you for sharing this. As a matter of fact, thank you for talking about mental health – specifially anxiety and depression. This message was right on time. I keep my home clean and clutter-free, but I want to be more organized. Based off what I read here, I’m sure that will help too.


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    1. It depends on how your family members influence you. With regard to decluttering there is of course never any need to “declutter” anyone out of your life, who has a positive (or neutral) effect on you. This depends on everyones personal preferences and life situation of course.

      For me personally, decluttering also negative family members out of my life has been emotionally very rewarding.

      This sort of decisions should always be made by everyone on their own…no one can make such decisions for you.


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  10. Love this post. I once had a sister-in-law that brought much negativity into my life but she has severed all ties with the family. Now there is much that has been lifted from me. Thank you for some wonderful tips.


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  13. D.Doo

    What about decluttering your computer files? This is something that really make me anxious, stress and overwhelmed. Any tips please?


    1. Yes, keeping your computer clean and up to date is also very important. I personally just go through all the files from time to time and delete what I no longer need or want. It takes a lot of time, I know, but if you want to keep many files then there is no other way. On the other hand, if you only wish to keep a few items from your computer, then why not copy them onto your flashdisc and then do a “format c” to your computer. This way your whole computer gets a really fresh start. 🙂


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