About The Finer Things

A synapse is the point of communication between one neuron and a neighboring neuron, muscle cell or gland cell. It is the site where virtually all important brain activity emerges. There are trillions of synapses in the brain: each one of our more than 100 billion neurons may be connected to hundreds of other cells by as many as 10,000 synapses. Together they form a complex and flexible instrument upon which the music of our thoughts, behaviors and feelings are composed.

When we learn something new, meet someone new, come to a vital time in our life, have a new experience and so on…these great moments literally “fire” in our brains and spark us with passion, excitement, learning and inspiration.

My play on this concept brings me to reference the “sparks” in our life that make us who we are today and who we have yet to become.

According to…

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