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11 thoughts on “LOVE IS ENERGY

  1. OMGosh. I was watching this and I just started to cry. I felt overwhelmed for some reason. Not sure what that means, but I’d like to re-blog this to my site but don’t know how, I’m kinda new at all this. Could you provide direction on how to re-blog it? Thanks


    1. Hi, I am very glad that you liked it! I too think this video is awesome. 🙂 You can reblog posts by clicking on the “Reblog” button in the upper left corner of the site, when you have a certain post open. The “Reblog” button is right next to the “Like” and “Follow” button. If you click on Reblog, then a small window will pop open and there you can add your comment if you wish (it is optional) and then by clicking the “Reblog Post” button next to the comment box, the post will be immediately reblogged to your blog.


  2. Thanks for a quick response. I noticed the re-blog button after I hit “post comment” so I tried it but the video didn’t post. could it be because my site is a instead of a .com? Hope not I love this video.


  3. Today was a really rough day for me, and the message in the video was something that I needed to be reminded of. Love within yourself is a powerful force in all of our lives. Love is the only real power that there is in the universe. It make what seems impossible turn into what becomes easier when you approach it with compassion and love.


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