Cumhuriyet Square – Nejdet Duzen – Featured Photographer

Cumhuriyet Square  “Cumhuriyet Square Reflection” – Izmir, Turkey – Nejdet Duzen – Featured Photographer Charlie’s Super Fanta

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Meditation is wonderful! 🙂 If you are new to meditation, a very good place to start is this One-Moment Meditation video

DeRose Method Culture

Very few are those practitioners that actually enjoy meditation techniques. Almost everyone thinks that they are boring, that nothing is happening and that they are wasting their time. However to have a good experience practising samyama (concentration, meditation or another deeper state of consciousness) you must be persistent and overcome the anxiety of the mind. We could spend pages and pages talking about dhyana or meditation, but instead today I will give you a simple tip that will make your practice much easier.
Let’s agree that it’s pointless to try to stop thinking. There is a misunderstanding about this subject. You will not stop your mind. Rather, you will focus your entire consciousness on one object, which can be either an image or a sound, and then another type of consciousness will flourish; linear intuition; superconsciousness.
To practise this essential technique sit with your legs crossed, your back straight and…

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Gandhi’s 10 Best Ways to Change the World for the Better – from the newsletter “Steal These Secrets Yet?”

Gandhi’s 10 Best Ways to Change the World for the Better

Another wonderful article on StealTheseSecretsYet by Joel Chue and Chris Cains.

This time they share Mahatma Gandhi’s 10 ideas on how to change the world for the better.

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Wonderful post! Great motivating energy! 🙂

Diabetic Redemption

(N.B.  I am terribly embarrassed to say that I cannot remember who requested this post of me.  I have difficulty believing that my memory has gotten so bad.  I know it was one of my readers, so hopefully you will see this.  Feel free to reblog, or not, as you wish.)

According to Abraham-Hicks, the Universe is aware of each of us, and how we are facing our lives.  The Universe will step in and give us what we want.  The Universe wants us to have a joyful life.

I was not encouraged to thrive, to develop spiritual belief, or to find confidence in myself, as a child.  I did well in school, because that was expected of me.  At age fourteen my physical self failed me; I was found to be diabetic.  So I failed at thriving physically, through no fault of my own; I had no concept…

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Wonderful post about getting into the Vortex. 🙂 Thank you, Tigger Project!

The Tigger Project

Abraham-Hicks, author of “Ask and It Is Given” and “The Vortex” describes The Vortex as the space of total alignment where one feels “tapped in and turned on.”  In this state, our thoughts and feelings are all in vibrational harmony which means there is no resistance to our desired creations.  We not only have belief about something, we also feel good when we think about it.  It’s that magical zone we live in when we’re in love, completely enthralled in an activity, or simply feel appreciation and/or elated anticipation.   We all know this wonderful state because we have moments, hours, days and even weeks when we reside there.

We also know the discomfort of being outside of The Vortex.  The moment we’re feeling worry, fear, frustration or judgment, we’ve thrown ourselves out.  Negative feelings are the indicator that we are out of alignment.  Abraham teaches that the more…

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