Abraham – Don’t let ‘not-having’ feed on itself!

Journey through The Vortex into The Nexus


It is interesting how certain much needed “messages” come when you need to hear them or you are at the right vibration to truly understand the “message”. I was not on YouTube actually looking for this message, I was there because a co-worker asked me if I had seen this “I am Elmo” video. Well, after watching it (and not really finding it as amusing as I thought I would, but then could be just my mood at the moment) I went back to my main YouTube page and saw this video on the side and the words “Don’t let ‘not-having’feed on itself!” is what really caught my attention because all weekend this is exactly was I was doing…dwelling on the “Not Having”, and it seemed like the more I tried NOT to dwell on “Not Having” the more emotional I got in the Not Having! There was also…

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