Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

Famous People with Bipolar Disorder


8 thoughts on “Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

  1. jpfinn7

    What, in your opinion, is a cure for bi-polar? Or do you believe there is a cure? Do drugs play a part in a cure or do they just control the symptons?


    1. I do believe that there is a cure, because I had this illness and got cured. I used medication as well, but this was only as a supportive means. The main key for me was spiritual awakening and a very thorough digging in my subconscious mind in order to find the limiting beliefs that my subconscious mind established when I was a child. According to different researches we all establish a whole set of limiting beliefs by the age of 6 (some researches say 5). This happes due to a number of circumstances – people around us, the society around us etc. Since as a child we do not analyse the information we take in, we absorb everything with ease and no resistance. I had very negative influencers around me when I was a child and so I developed a very negative subconscious pattern in this early stage of my life. This pattern started to attract all kinds of illnesses and negative matters into my life, until one day when I was in my early 20s, I was so ill that I had no other option than to start digging myself out of this mess. This takes a lot of effort and it is not painless (emotionally) to dig up all this information from your subconscious, but it really is worth it. This will finally give you total freedom and you are finally able to release your illnessess. This story is very long on what I exactly did. This is why I wrote an entire book about it to help others with similar problems. (More info on my book is available here on my blog under the subpage Books). Much love to you!


  2. You Were Born To Succeed

    Hello Eva,
    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspired Blogger Award because your approach to mental health inspires me. Congratulations, and thanks for your blog!


      1. You Were Born To Succeed

        You’re welcome, Eva. This only the beginning. To accept the award and get the word out about your blog, visit my blog and read my post about it. http:www.youwerebornthatway.com. click on the Blog tab.


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