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Diabetic Redemption

(N.B.  I am terribly embarrassed to say that I cannot remember who requested this post of me.  I have difficulty believing that my memory has gotten so bad.  I know it was one of my readers, so hopefully you will see this.  Feel free to reblog, or not, as you wish.)

According to Abraham-Hicks, the Universe is aware of each of us, and how we are facing our lives.  The Universe will step in and give us what we want.  The Universe wants us to have a joyful life.

I was not encouraged to thrive, to develop spiritual belief, or to find confidence in myself, as a child.  I did well in school, because that was expected of me.  At age fourteen my physical self failed me; I was found to be diabetic.  So I failed at thriving physically, through no fault of my own; I had no concept…

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