Meditation is wonderful! 🙂 If you are new to meditation, a very good place to start is this One-Moment Meditation video

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Very few are those practitioners that actually enjoy meditation techniques. Almost everyone thinks that they are boring, that nothing is happening and that they are wasting their time. However to have a good experience practising samyama (concentration, meditation or another deeper state of consciousness) you must be persistent and overcome the anxiety of the mind. We could spend pages and pages talking about dhyana or meditation, but instead today I will give you a simple tip that will make your practice much easier.
Let’s agree that it’s pointless to try to stop thinking. There is a misunderstanding about this subject. You will not stop your mind. Rather, you will focus your entire consciousness on one object, which can be either an image or a sound, and then another type of consciousness will flourish; linear intuition; superconsciousness.
To practise this essential technique sit with your legs crossed, your back straight and…

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  2. Joseph Wright

    Meditation is a good way to improve our mental, physical and spiritual health. We develop our spiritual being in meditation.


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