The Halo


I saw the halo around the sun a couple of weeks ago. Wow this was such an amazing sight! And I believe that it must have a very special meaning … I don’t know what, but it must be something extra super special, because a rainbow around the sun doesn’t happen every day. 🙂

A few photos of it (I took these in Saaremaa, Estonia):

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8 thoughts on “The Halo

  1. Now that i find that very amazing, it used to have certain portents to it or if you will certain mystical powers, i will find it and repost for you what it is supposed to mean, i can only remember it from a native american point but heck that might lead on farther than you think.


    1. Thanks so much!!! I would really love to know what the native americans said about it. I knew it must mean something great, because it is such a rare sight! 🙂


      1. ah love i ave called me bretheren and searched me way round the net and ave yet to find what the Apache medicine men called it and wht it portends, i know it is good cause i jus know these things, but i won let ye down that is fer sure, i called me brothers of the tribe council and are waitin on a call back.


  2. hopewinter

    I have seen this a few times myself and always feel like it is a sign of good things to come. The other night, there was one around the moon! Very hard to capture on my camera phone though 😦


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