About Dreaming Big and the Blue Moon


Blue Moon
Blue Moon (Photo credit: tonynetone)

Are you afraid to dream big?

I believe that having big dreams is absolutely necessary to keep the happy life-spark beautifully lit at all times. I even believe that big dreams are the most essential part of our lives. At least this is the way for me. I actually do not even call my dreams “dreams”. I have always liked the term “plan” better. I feel that this gives all my ideas a realistic frame and makes everything much much easier to accomplish.

I love big dreams a.k.a big plans, I really do. But sometimes, during a less energetic day, a big dream may start to seem overwhelming and these are the moments when most people give up.

I would like to dedicate this post to reminding everyone (including myself) that it is absolutely normal to experience such moments. These moments are not there to tell you to stop dreaming. Not at all! These moments exist purely for the purpose of giving you new energy to spark up your dream. These moments are like food that we consume daily to keep us alive.

In addition, if you ever feel that your dream is too big, think about this – you do not have to take all the steps necessary to accomplish your dream in one second or one breath anyway. That means that there are many smaller tasks to complete before the big picture gets painted. This thought alone makes the whole dreaming big issue a lot easier to handle.

Everything that seems difficult at first is actually nothing but a combination of small steps.

You wish to learn something new? Take it one book or even one page at a time.

You wish to eat healthy? Start changing your eating habits one food group at a time.

You wish to get in shape? Start exercising in short amounts per day and increase the amounts as you go along – even 15 minutes of exercise is better than nothing.

You wish to learn a foreign language? Start learning one word or sentence per day – one word is better than nothing.

Also, since we never know what wonderful surprises life has in store for us, there is always a chance that a big dream might come alive a lot sooner than we think. So the main goal is to enjoy the journey anyway. 🙂

Let’s keep the dreams alive! We owe it to ourselves, not anyone else! 🙂

And of course, have an amazing Blue Moon experience! This wonderful occurrence in the sky will definitely bring positive excitement and the fulfilment of at least some of those big dreams to all.




32 thoughts on “About Dreaming Big and the Blue Moon

  1. This moon… this moon is, is really B I G !
    There have been a lot of “really big” planetary events so far for 2012 and it’s not slowing down, no sir-ree-bob!

    I plan on lighting a fire in the fire pit later this evening in honor of dreaming big. I too have lots of plans and ready to see them manifest themselves! Happy Blue Moon to you too!


      1. I’ve just been able to figure out the “going on’s” of the past few days. Any similarities with anyone?

        August 31 2012, Blue Moon
        Very intense. A big influx of psychic phenomena with strong guidance to physically do things.
        Example, the day of the full moon, I knew a fire ceremony had to be created to honor the moon and nature (I had mentioned that). I spent about a half hour drumming while keeping the fire company in the pit. The next day (September 1) I found myself sitting with about 15 essences and learning more about the plant kingdom and what was important for me to experience. That evening I was drawn to gaze into a rock to hear messages necessary in helping me walk taller and smarter. Today (September 2) has a feeling of absorption, a download assimilate of many bits of love and compassion.


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  6. Anna Failla

    Thank you so much for stopping by, it really means a lot! I’m definitely following now, I loved going through your posts -wonderful words Eva, you speak wisely and I just love people who think positive and wish to inspire others 🙂
    All the best, Anna


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