Unique and Talented? Yes, You Are!

I have recently been thinking a lot about the fact how we are all different and unique.

This thought started spinning around in my head once I saw a piece of writing, which stated that all humans – all 7 billion of us – have different fingerprints, voices and many other traits. At first I just read this note, but then I started to really examine more deeply into the meaning of all this.

Since I was a child, I have always seen how the society tries to classify people into an infinite number of groups and also tries to make us believe that if you do not conform with any of the groups, then you are a weirdo/ unworthy/ undeserving/ a social outcast.

We are constantly classified into groups based on our countries, hair color, occupation, status, ownership of different physical items, money, weight, height, food we eat, illnesses, books we read, magazines we read, sports we watch and/or participate in etc. The list truly is endless and we receive such group-minded messages daily via the media and many people around us.

So based on all this incoming „group-talk“, I had never really thought about the real and wonderful uniqueness in all of us that is much much more important than the similarities.

Yes, we all have some similarities, but those similarities are nothing compared to how unique we are. We all have our funny little quirks and amazing talents, but they seem to be washed away so easily due to all this group mentality brainwashing that we have to witness daily.

Usually this topic is discussed for kids and teens, because it is thought that they are under the most heavy peer pressure. But aren’t we all under the same type of pressure?

I am not saying that it is a bad thing that research results are given based on classification and that people are analysed based on some grouping. It is not wrong at all, because researches cannot be done per each individual person and news cannot be created per each individual person.

I’m just saying that we have to start looking at this „group-talk“ differently – we need to look at those results without forgetting our uniqueness. Also, we must always think about our uniqueness as a top priority in our lives.

The reason we need to prioritize our uniqueness, is so we could all find our talents. Namely, many great minds have said that we are all born into this world with some specific talent – a unique talent that nobody else has. And I absolutely believe the truth behind these words, because we all have unique paths in this life, so it makes absolute sense to also have unique talents.

The trick is in finding your talent, because not all talents include playing sports, singing, acting and/or other activities that we are engaged in during our childhood and school years. Hence, it is very likely that we need to put some effort into discovering our talent.

I think it’s about time that we let our similarities rest for a while and instead start focusing on and investing in our uniqueness.

Always remember:

– You are Unique!

– You are Talented!

– You are Special!

– You are Worthy of Your Dreams!

– You are The Diamond of Your Life!!!

English: The Hope Diamond photographed by Bria...


8 thoughts on “Unique and Talented? Yes, You Are!

  1. One of God’s greatest blessings is that He created us all differently. As a result, we each have different talents and gifts to use to make this world a better place. The key is to use them in that way. Thank you for this wonderful article and excellent info : )


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