Gratitude Wall

Today I added a “Gratitude Wall” sub-page to my blog. This has been in my plans for quite some time already and I finally decided to not procrastinate with it any longer. 🙂

The Gratitude Wall sub-page is meant to serve as a virtual gratitude journal for everyone that visits this blog and/or wishes to share their messages of gratitude here. I added it as a sub-page so it would always be easily available to everyone, since the sub-pages are listed right on the top of this blog.

Gratitude Wall Location
Gratitude Wall Location

Feel absolutely free to post your messages to this wall at any time you wish. Also, if you do not wish to post on this wall, then you of course do not have to. 🙂 A Gratitude Wall is a completely voluntary place on this blog that you can visit when and if you personally feel like it.

Link to the subpage is also here – go to “Gratitude Wall”

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