Following Your Passion

Following Your Passion

I can absolutely see the wonderful world that opens up behind this saying – „Follow your passion“.

“Field” by Eva Tenter

If we follow our passion – do the things we love most – then the world becomes this supersized amazing place filled with magic and endless opportunities. And I personally believe that this is exactly how we are meant to experience this physical dimension called planet Earth – filled with joy, love and excitement.

It always amazes me how some people think that if everyone followed their passion, then the world would not work properly any longer or would completely come to an end. With all due respect for their opinion, I think those people are only looking at a very small range of possible „passions“.

What is a Passion?

The most common general opinion (mostly expressed by the media) is that only singing, dancing, acting, sports and art can be considered „true passions“. If we follow that definition, then of course not everyone can follow a passion – we are not all talented at singing, dancing, acting, sports and/or art. But here is the trick – these are only 5 possible passions. If you do not prefer/ like/ love any of them, then it only means that you have to dig deeper into your skill-set and talents to find your passion.

It does not mean that you have to live your whole life without following your passion or without having any passion!

I have investigated this passion topic for quite a long time just due to personal interest. As a result I can now clearly see that there are no limits to the passions that people can have.

There are some people who love cooking, some love knitting, some love building, some love mowing the lawn, some love driving, some love growing plants, some love growing flowers, some love designing barbed wires, some love repairing old clocks, some love healing others, some love giving advice, some love getting advice, some love reading, some love listening, some love history, some love the future, some love learning different languages, some love fishing, etc. The list is truly endless.

Are There Enough Passions for Everyone?

Since there are 7 billion of us here, then I’m guessing the probable number of different passions could also be in the range of millions. Also, who says that there can only be one passion per one person?!

English: Planet Earth

I am also sure that we are divided on this planet in a way that each region has people, who absolutely love doing the things that must be done so the planet and the people on it would prosper.

You see, I really don’t believe that we are put on this planet to just survive or just somehow get through these approximate 100 years that we are all given. I truly believe that we are all meant to prosper here in both ways – as individuals and as one large peaceful society.

And I truly believe that the only way we can do this, is by following our passions.

How to Figure Out Your Passion?

So how are we supposed to figure out our passion? There are of course many books and articles that give suggestions on how to find your passion and I absolutely recommend at least browsing through some of them to get your ideas flowing.

But as a very general start to this whole process you could think about this question – what would you do if you had unlimited piles of money and nobody forced you to do anything? This means that you could literally just sit around your home all day and stare at the ceiling…and all the days of your life could be like this.

Let’s add that because of your unlimited piles of money, you would already have all the physical items that you have always wanted to own.

This question has been formulated in many different ways by different people – some recommend you to think about winning in the lottery and some recommend visualizing getting a huge inheritance.

But the general idea is the same – seriously think about what would you start doing in this scenario.

Would you just stare at the ceiling for 100 years? Probably not!

So, what would be the activity or activities that you would most love to do?

When you find a reply (replies) to this question that really makes your heart sing, then you know that you either found your true passion or you’re getting closer to it.

28 thoughts on “Following Your Passion

  1. I swear everyone must be in tune with what I am feeling today. You are the second person since I posted my blogs this morning to post blogs with powerful and useful messages that will help me get through my nerve wracking day! Thank you! I am reblogging this along with the post by Cultfit! Peace, Jaz 😀


  2. This is fantastic and something I believe to be absolutely true. We’ve all been blessed with something we’re really good at and if we can find a way to utilize it we can certainly bless ourselves and those around us in amazing ways.


  3. Passion or like, it is all symantics, some people emote better than others. The real winner is the person with the positive attitude, the one who wants to do the will of a loving Higher Power and that is to make this world a better place for having been here for their 100 plus or minus years. We are preaching to the choir, the negatives of this world are not reading blogs about how to better enjoy this life we have been entrustred with.Today, I am enjoying and sharing your passion, seeking a day filled with joy, love and excitement. Bod Bless..ME and the Boss


    1. Thank you for your comment, ME and the Boss!

      Regarding the negatives of this world – I have sincere faith that there will be a day when the world will not have those “negatives” anymore.

      I was once one of those negatives, who didn’t read blogs and couldn’t see anything positive about life in general. But the day came, when I changed. I also know many others, who have turned their lives around and are now amazingly happy people, although they were complete opposites before.

      So I really believe that these magical changes do happen. 🙂

      Much love and many blessings!


  4. I’m finding that the hardest thing is figuring out what my passion is. That question is really getting me thinking though… What would I do if I didn’t have to do anything?? Thank you for sharing!


    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 This question was the starting point for me in finding my passion, so I’m living proof that it works. The process of finding my passion was really difficult for me at first too, but I just refused to give up until one day I got it. Just stick with your goal to find your passion and you will find it. 🙂


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