Group Meditation to Slow Down Sandy – Message from Dr. Joe Vitale

Below I’m sharing the message that the wonderful Dr. Joe Vitale ( just sent via e-mail.

"Let's help those who need us right now.
It will only take a moment.
You can do it right where you are sitting.
Let me quickly explain...
Back in 2005 I asked you to help me slow down
Hurricane Rita, which was aimed at Texas right
after Katrina devastated New Orleans.
As a result, Rita dropped from a Category 5 to
a Category 3. It didn't even rain in my area,
which was under such threat that most of the
area had evacuated.
Later, I asked you to help clean up the oil disaster
in the Gulf. Shortly after my email, things began to
get better.
In the Summer of 2011, I asked you to help stop the
Texas wildfires, which had destroyed over 1,000 homes.
Within minutes of my email, it began to rain in
some areas. It actually down poured over my house.
The fires all went out.
Recently, I asked you to help my dying and bedridden
mother. Within a week she was crawling out of her bed,
unassisted, getting into her wheelchair, and asking to
watch TV. I spoke to her recently -- the first time 
by phone in well over five years. I saw her a month ago. 
She actually stood and greeted me.
It was a miracle.
Obviously, group intention works.
When you hold an intention -- and others on this email
list do so, too -- we tend to get the results we want.
I'm writing to ask you for your help again.
Here's the story --
Yesterday Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the
United States. Many are without electricity, and are
living in darkness. Many died.
Sandy is no longer a hurricane but a "Post Tropical Cyclone,"
and is still a threat to many cities.
Let's help them.
Even if you don't believe sitting quietly and thinking
of well being for cities will actually help them, what
will it hurt you to settle down for a minute and relax?
That's all I'm asking you to do.
Do whatever meditation or technique you know to reach that
inner place of serenity.
Use ho'oponopono/Zero Limits or Tapping/EFT, or anything
else you know of or can think of.
Inner peace is the answer to outer peace.
And all it takes is you focusing on the well being of
the East Coast of the USA while you relax and send love.
Why not do it right now?
PS -- Please share this simple request with others.
Note: For overwhelming evidence that group meditation
makes a statistical difference in results, see - 
Thank you.
I love you."

Tell yourself: “I love you!” 🙂

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Now- Look straight into
your own eyes and tell yourself YOU are the fairest, smartest, most wonderful
human BEING who is being wonderful to themselves. Tell yourself you love you
just the way you are, you are perfect, whole and healthy. Now give yourself a
big hug. Doesn’t that feel incredible? You treat your loved ones this way, why
not yourself too? ♥ Robin ♥

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Wonderful post!

Daily Muse

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”~Anais Nin

Finding safety and feeling safe is different from playing it safe. If you are not thinking outside of the box, creating new things and you expect things to change without opening up to new possibilities you are playing it safe! If your focus remains on one thing and one thing only, you are playing it safe!

If you wish to grow and expand you must open up, put yourself out there and take a chance. It does you no good to sit at home and wish for things to change if you are not willing to create that change. No one is going to do it for you nor can they put you out there…only you can do that. When you take steps to…

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Inspirational Quote for Monday

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,

are the ones who do.”

– Steve Jobs

I love this quote and I feel it has exactly the right energy that is needed to start a new week off with a very positive note.

I believe that Mondays are meant to be new and fresh starts to next amazing adventures, so let’s make it a perfect Monday and let’s make it a perfect new week.

May all your dreams come true! 🙂