Who Are The “Difficult People”?

Who are the „Difficult People“?

About a month ago I attended a course that I truly loved. The lecturer was an amazing speaker with a cheerful and joyful attitude and shared tons of interesting and useful tips.

To set aside the content of information that I was so happy to learn, I was even more happy to see another positive human being doing the job he loved and sharing his love for the subject to others through his teachings.

Angry Penguin
Angry Penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At first it seemed like everyone else was also genuinely pleased with his work. Until it was time for final questions and comments. All comments were generally good-natured, but one question really astonished me.

One man asked the lecturer: „Why are you teaching this course? Is it just a marketing trick to get new customers to buy your company’s services or is it really profitable for you to organize these courses?“

What just happened?

You would think that this question came from an angry person, but this was not the case. This man didn’t seem to have any malicious intent behind his question – it seemed like he honestly didn’t understand why a highly skilled professional with a successful business would want to share his valuable knowledge. And this really amazed me!

I would have understood the situation better if this question had come from an utterly negative person, who just wanted to ruin a positive persons mood by taking a sharp emotional stab at him.

But this question came from a person, who honestly couldn’t understand what had just happened. He couldn’t understand why someone smart and successful would also be kind and sincerely want to help other people by giving them highly useful and practical advice.

Difficult & Paranoid or Uninformed?

I understand that this particular man with the question had obviously been to „a few“ lousy courses in his lifetime, where air was served instead of practical information (or any kind of information). But to doubt a perfectly wonderful lecturer after you have personally spent a whole day witnessing that he is genuinely handing out great advice? This I really don’t get!

A while back, this would have been one of those moments, when I’d take a longer pause for thought with the background music of a sad sigh and mull over questions like – is this really what our world is like? A person cannot just do a sincere good deed for another without getting questioned about hidden agendas? Are people around us really that difficult, bitter, hostile and paranoid?

But not this time!

I did ponder on these questions, but only for an insignificant moment. The reason for this is simple – I already had the answer. The answer was also simple – I absolutely refuse to believe any of that!

The Spinning Dancer appears to move both clock...
The Spinning Dancer appears to move both clockwise and counter-clockwise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to live and breathe the „negative reality“ illusion, where the whole world seemed to be miserable, unfair, filled with crime, pain and suffering. That illusion did nothing but hurt me until I was filled with that same pain and suffering. So I will not go down that road again.

I got off that road by organizing a thorough “info meeting” for myself about all the greatness of heart, love, joy, compassion and sincerity in this world. By focusing on all the wonderful aspects of the world for long enough, the negative illusion just faded away.

After being this brightly and fantastically informed, there is no way that someone could convince me to even take a short glance at that former illusion. That’s the true power of positive thoughts!


And thus my final verdict is in – there are no difficult people!

Only the illusion of the world they keep believing to be true is difficult. Hence, they are just uninformed people.

Let’s keep informing ourselves and those around us about all the good in this world! Let’s do that consistently, until one day we all see and feel love and kindness!

Power of Positive Thoughts
Power of Positive Thoughts © Eva Tenter

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17 thoughts on “Who Are The “Difficult People”?

  1. joyfullyrenewed

    I love this post!!! You are so right! What a wonderful reminder that we create what we choose to place our focus on. Thank you. I actually needed that today.


  2. There are two strands to people – the giving, cooperative strand and a self-oriented competitive strand. It is astonishing that we talk as if people are inherently competitive and self-serving forgetting that much more of the time we are inherently cooperative and giving. We are a species that cares about belonging, and so we have probably evolved with a huge impulse to give. Unfortunately these days we are trained to keep that under check much of the time.


  3. That pic is awesome. It took me forever to see it moving in the other direction. And what a great way to illustrate your point!

    Having been a negative person in the past, I totally understand the other side of it. It’s really, really hard for a negative-oriented person to believe all they need to do is shift their perspective and suddenly the world is a much brighter place. It seems far too simple. In that mindset you wonder, I can’t really be the one getting in my own way can I? You want to blame any and everyone else, and while there may be people in your life that can make things difficult, the choice to be positive still belongs to you. I hated hearing that, but it’s true.

    That’s why I’m grateful for other individuals out there being a sort of shining light to lead us back to the right perspective. And people like you, Eva, make it easier to stay in the positive perspective. Thanks again for being you!


    1. Thank you dear Jae! Your comments always bring a big smile on my face. I also thank you for being you! 🙂

      I can absolutely relate to what you’re saying – it does seem too simple at first to “just” shift to the positive.

      I find it in all ways amazing how simple life really is. 🙂


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