Beyond Inspiration, Beyond Superwoman

Beyond Inspiration, Beyond Superwoman

Today I read a story that goes way beyond inspirational. It actually goes beyond all superlative positive adjectives that I can think of.

This story is about an extraordinary 102-year-old woman, Mrs. Margaret Dunning, who in my opinion also goes way beyond Superwoman. Mrs. Dunning absolutely radiates with positive energy, beauty, joy, happiness and love.

She is a true fan of classic cars, owns her own collection of them and also still does some repair work for her own cars. Her 1930 Packard 740 Roadster was awarded as the first vehicle with a perfect 100-point score by the Classic Car Club of America.

Based on her story, I think it is very obvious that aging is just an illusion and should not stop anyone from doing anything they love.

I also see her story as the No. 1 proof that life really is meant to be an amazing, beautiful, magical and in all ways positive experience. Looking at the world events that took place during the past 102 years, I believe that she is also the No. 1 proof that we make our lives to be what they are, despite any outside circumstances.

Being a huge fan of cars myself, this is exactly what I have imagined myself to be like at 102. 😀

I don’t even believe that I am exaggerating if I call this the inspirational story of the Century (at least).

You Go Girl!!! 🙂

Link to the article, where I read about The Amazing Superwoman, Mrs. Margaret Dunning, is here:


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