Say “I Love You” … to Yourself

How many times have you looked in the mirror and said “I love you”, thereby truly feeling the love towards yourself?

We are taught to say these three magic words to everyone else, but not to ourselves. Why is that?

You are the only person, who is with you from birth to the final second you reside on this planet/ dimension. Do you not deserve love from yourself?

Of course you do!

So let’s change the habit of always saying these words to everyone else, but not to ourselves.

Let’s also stop comparing love towards ourselves with narcissism, egotism and selfishness. Loving ourselves does not mean that we therewith disregard others. It does not mean that we stop loving others. Narcissism, egotism and selfishness are entirely different phenomenons that arise from feelings of lack. Love comes from a place of unconditional respect and acceptance. Love is infinite, boundless and eternal.

Starting today, begin the process of taking the time to look in the mirror and say “I love you”. Don’t just say it, really feel love towards yourself while saying those three little words.

Keep repeating this process until you feel that you really mean it. Then repeat the process just because you do love yourself. 🙂

PS! You deserve your love! Always have, always will!

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21 thoughts on “Say “I Love You” … to Yourself

  1. I once heard someone say, “Love is a manifestation of who you are, not a relationship.” Because you can love people that hate you or love people you don’t know. I think someone who is able to tell themselves that they love themselves in the pure way you describe and mean it is better positioned to help others into that same light of love. When you’re around someone like this, you can feel their light of love shining brightly. They are confident, but not arrogant. Most of us wish we could be like them.

    I’m still not brave enough to do this, but I’m going to start trying thanks to your lovely post. And thanks for being you and manifesting your love in who you are for the world. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jae! 🙂

      Start from the trying phase and just keep moving forward. I’m absolutely sure that soon you will have no problems declaring loud into the mirror “I love you”. 😀 You are braver than you think.

      Much love and many blessings! 🙂


  2. During metaphysical readings I have done for individuals, often the spirit guides of that person have said it is necessary for the individual to love him/herself in order to heal a current problem and move into a brighter future. If someone does not love themself then why should others love them? This post should be mandatory reading for everyone!


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  6. Karen Heart

    I loved your post. So very true. We do not take time for ourselves, love ourselves. I have found that when I truly loved myself, then I found true love with others. I love the heart stoplight. Maybe if stoplights had hearts on them, the power of love would spread and stop some of the road rage 🙂 Have an awesome day!


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