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So what is happiness?

There are many different theories and sayings about the essence, source and symptoms of happiness.

Some say it’s a mood, some say it should be a goal in life and some think it is some absurd fictional idea that doesn’t exist. (The supporters of the last thought are fortunately decreasing with each day.)

Yes, we have indeed seen and heard many many different approaches to this topic throughout centuries.

As a result of investigating a variety of opinions about happiness over the years, I have now come to my own conclusion about it that rings true to me –

I look at happiness as a favourite background music that we get to choose in order to enrich and embellish our lives.

The comparison with background music feels true to me, because it is something that we choose, then tune into and after that just let it play until we prefer. Once we have chosen the music and pressed play, we don’t have to do anything to keep it playing. The happiness track lasts for a lifetime (and perhaps even beyond), unless we press stop.

Happiness is a matter of free choice and is meant to make your life wonderful. I also believe that happiness feels differently to different people, so be sure to find the background tune that rings true to you.

So to sum it up, my advice on happiness would be – if you wish to be happy, then just switch to the frequency that rings true to you and let the music play. It really is as simple as that.

I hope everyone has a happy new week!:)

English: Lotus flower Polski: Kwiat lotosu

– (Photo credit: Wikipedia)