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Everyone is Beautiful!

Everyone has probably had some person or perhaps even several people in their life at some point, who have poisoned their life with nasty comments like “You’re not pretty” or “You’re ugly” or something even much worse.

When I was a child, I was taught to believe those people and this belief destroyed me for quite a long time. Until one day I realized they were all liars.

Anyone, who says that someone or something is ugly, is a liar. We are all beautiful!

We are all brought into this dimension we call planet Earth for a reason. Every single one of us has a reason, a higher purpose for existence. How could it possibly be that the Creator (God/ Universe/ Higher Power/ Light) created something ugly?

No-one is ugly, we are all just different looking because diversity makes life interesting. The same applies to everything on this planet.

I personally stopped believing in the entire existence of ugliness years ago and it has led me to a wonderful life.

I think it’s about time we all stop believing such lies.

Everyone is beautiful, everything is beautiful! There are no exceptions to this!

Allow your beauty to blossom, because you deserve it!

Beautiful flower with petals that look like candy

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)