Gratitude Authority? Good News Authority? Kindness Authority?

We have a world full of all kinds of state authorities and institutions, where we can go to file our complaints, start disputes regarding everything and pour out our anger and rudeness in various forms.

We have a world, where dispute production authorities that feed themselves with verbal fighting are considered absolutely normal and legal.

Today I started thinking about all these authorities everywhere and it suddenly struck me – why is there no official (state provided) place to go if you want to share a word of kindness or gratitude, a piece of good news, a hug, a pat on the back or a laugh with someone.

Of course we can always share our positive emotions with family and friends, but why is there no state authority for positive information/ emotion if there is a state authority for just about everything negative?

Is the current world order created only for multiplying and recycling negativity?

I seriously do not understand why there is no Ministry of Kindness, Ministry of Joy or Happiness Supervisory Authority anywhere. Or at least positions for the President of Laughter in the existing authorities, for example.

Why is it so?

The world has thousands of different institutions, where people can gather to brew negativity, but there is no official place to go, when you’re just feeling happy and wish to share that happiness with others.

The current world order seems to have labeled positive emotions as a personal thing and negative emotions as a public issue.


Today I’m not going to finish my article with a conclusion.

Instead, I’m going to make an early Christmas wish – I wish that some day there would be a state authority in every country, where a person could call or drop by to share a happy thought or a cheerful story. A place, where everyone would be welcome any given time to just express their gratitude towards someone or share a few minutes of laughter, when they feel happy and joyful.

I would very much like to live in a world that has such authorities.

I believe that would be a wonderful world!

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5 thoughts on “Gratitude Authority? Good News Authority? Kindness Authority?

  1. naamlozevink

    Dear Eva, i could not feel more with what you wish for here! I believe, mainly out of personal experience, that the more you focus on all what’s wrong in life -even ‘helping’ people by talking about their problems- the more you cultivate this negativity, in your own life as well as theirs.You state it so clear here.Thank You for bringing this in to the attention xx


  2. I guess if the government won’t do it, we’ll have to settle for blogs like yours. Though settle isn’t the right word, since I suspect your blog is more effective than any government institution would be.


  3. I agree with this so wholeheartedly.

    I find that people are often very quick to complain. Especially in regards to service (or poor service). I go the opposite way – I leave feedback for good service. If a clerk is especially helpful or friendly, I will send an email to their boss. If I enjoy a company’s product, I will send a message to their marketing team.

    All we can do is try – try to spread love and kindness and positivity. And change the world ♥


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