The World’s Funniest Looking Icicles

I saw the funniest looking icicles a few weeks ago. They looked like fingers of a winter witch and I think they could very well classify as the world’s funniest looking icicles of all time. 🙂 Take a look for yourself and let me know in the comment section, what do they remind you of. 🙂

I also note that the photos are not edited in any way … this is exactly what they looked like. I also didn’t use any molds to create these icicles (if anyone was wondering), Mother Nature did all this by herself. 🙂

Worlds Funniest Looking Icicles
World’s Funniest Looking Icicles © Eva Tenter
Worlds Funniest Looking Icicles vol 2
World’s Funniest Looking Icicles vol 2 © Eva Tenter




19 thoughts on “The World’s Funniest Looking Icicles

  1. naamlozevink

    It’s almost as if the cold bare hands of winter are trying to get inside of the house. But they stopped for a reason only nature knows 🙂


      1. naamlozevink

        😀 Thats a funny thought. I think i would do the same if they crossed my path! I share you feeling of wonder here 🙂


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