Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer

E-book about overcoming anxiety, depression & childhood trauma


By Eva Tenter

Are you searching for a real life story about the following topics:

  • Overcoming anxiety disorder, depression, panic disorder and eating disorders
  • Changing negative thinking to positive thinking
  • Overcoming childhood trauma

If you are, then this is a must-read book for you!

Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer

(The book cover image may be different on Amazon, however the book is still the same.)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents - Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer


Why am I revealing the “dark secrets” of my illnesses (yes, in plural) to everyone?

Firstly, I would like to state this very clearly that I do not intend to hurt anyone with my book or to get some sort of revenge. I do not hold a grudge against anyone, who has said something negative to me or about me at any stages throughout my life. My book is completely about healing, love and gratitude.

The purpose of my book is to spread the message that depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks are NOT incurable illnesses or something that make a person „disabled” or „crazy”. These illnesses should be thought of as only a temporary discomfort that can be healed as soon as you start looking inside of yourself, instead of looking outside.

I sincerely wish to share my story about my illnesses with all the „ugly details” and „dark secrets” in order to clarify, what exactly are depression, anxiety disorder / social anxiety and panic attacks from the „ill persons’“ perspective. And to clarify that if you have these illnesses, it does not mean that you are „crazy” or „inadequate” or „undeserving” or „disabled” (or whatever other negative term is used to describe the people with mental problems) in any way. These are only temporary illnesses and can be cured quite easily, once you admit to yourself that you are ill and start taking action to become healthy.

These are actually the two key decisions that you have to make for yourself.

In addition, you most probably need to face the fact that your life will change completely once you are cured. However, this change is definitely not something to be afraid of, instead, it will be an absolutely exhilarating freedom that you will be able to experience after you are cured.

Your life will become wonderful beyond any of your expectations and you will be wondering how was it even possible for you to be so negative before.

With this book I am sending out unlimited amounts of love, gratitude and support to everyone in the Universe and especially to those, who are still in the middle of their battle with these illnesses.

I love you all and hope you conquer your illness(es) sooner that you would have ever even imagined.


in picture form

 Find Your Inner Peace

Title: Your place of inner peace is waiting for you



If you wish to read about Eva’s symptoms during depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks, then you can find this information here – Eva’s Symptoms


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  • More info about the book + purchase info is available over at Eva’s website –
  • Price of this ebook is in the range of 3 – 9 EUR (4 – 11 USD) depending on the bookstore (the price varies due to different bookstore policies)

13 thoughts on “Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer

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  4. What a marvelous testimony to the resilience of human spirit! Good for you, Eva, for your life-changing transformation! I like your FAQs and really appreciated how well you describe the long term effects of a young child’s environment. Many people are unaware of how much their own childhoods affected them, or how much they are affecting their young children.


    1. I agree, many people are still unaware and unfortunately many also become very angry and/or reluctant to hearing what is being said when hearing my story or someone else’s similar story. I hope to do everything that I can at least from my side to make this situation better. 🙂


  5. Eva, thank you for following my blog. I came over to learn about your blog. This blog thing is so much fun. It’s such a great way to encourage other writers and readers. I can appreciate where you came from and your testimony of overcoming is inspiring. Like you have beautifully pointed out, the root of many problems is in the mind. Proverbs says it this way, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” I am also going to follow your blog. I wish you much success with your book. Pamela


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