Symptoms – Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

List of symptoms I had during Depression, Anxiety Disorder & Panic Disorder (Panic Attacks/ Anxiety Attacks)

Please note that these are the symptoms that I personally experienced, therefore the symptoms can be different for you based on your specific situation and phase of these mental illnesses! If you suspect that you might have any of these illnesses, then please get professional advice as soon as possible!

I am here just to share my own personal experiences in order to give you courage to get help with your problems. I am not a doctor!

My symptoms were:

  • Worrying about everything…even the smallest things
  • Especially worrying about socializing with other people and meeting new people
  • Fear of the dark, fear of narrow spaces, fear of open spaces, fear of people and other phobias
  • Fear of death
  • Hyperventilation
  • Sudden feeling that you are going to loose your mind (without anything actually being wrong or irritating)
  • Sudden feeling that you have to escape from the place you are at (without anything actually being wrong or irritating)
  • Feeling dizzy in shopping malls to the point, where you no longer wish to go to any big shopping malls just because you are afraid that you will faint
  • Feeling dizzy while driving a car
  • Feeling like you cannot breathe anymore and the following fear that you might be having a heart attack
  • Fear of fainting in crowded places (phobia of crowded places)
  • Fear to go too far from home alone
  • Feeling of being extremely down/stressed out/depressive for long periods in a row
  • Emotional shifts/ Mood swings from high to low many many times a day without any actual reasons for the moods to swing/emotions to shift
  • Fear of failure
  • Constant need to gain other people’s approval in order to feel good
  • Hearing that nagging voice inside your head that constantly says you are not good enough
  • Sudden palpitation
  • Feeling that nothing interests you anymore
  • Activities/things that you previously loved do not matter to you anymore
  • No matter what you do, you cannot find peace anywhere
  • Sleeping problems
  • Headaches, pain in the neck
  • A choking feeling in your throat
  • Attention deficit
  • Feeling exhausted all the time
  • Feeling like the whole world is falling down on you

If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you should consult a mental health professional. If you catch these illnesses at an early stage, then these illnesses do not get the chance to disable you.

If you leave these mental illnesses untreated, then they only get worse! So please get help if you are experiencing any mental discomforts.

You can also get supportive help, courage and inspiration for healing from my book. More information is under sub-page “Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer


6 thoughts on “Symptoms – Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

  1. Good God I have so many of the above mentioned symptoms that it would be easier to tell you what I don’t have. I know how hard it is even with medication to not give into the feelings of anxiety, but I hope that people get out here on the internet and go to blogs like this one and find out for themselves if the things that they are feeling are something they should be concerned about, it only takes the first attack or the simple feeling that hey I don’t belong in this situation, or why have I suddenly developed a fear of this or that. Why does it feel like my heart is beating out of my chest, why do I find it so hard to breath suddenly. These are symptoms of anxiety, now I am not an alarmist or am I professional I am just a survivor of anxiety and have decided to educate myself on what I can do about this problem. So I come to places like this blog to the professional or to the people who have been living with this issue, or even who have overcome this issue. People please don’t wait like I did and find yourself in the ER thinking you are having a heart attack, only to find out after exhausting tests and hours in the ER that added to the anxiety, that what you had expierenced was an anxiety attack. By then I had waited too long and I live with not only anxiety, but depression, ADD, complex PTSD and Dissocative Identity Disorder. Now please understand I am not saying that you too will develop the same issues as I have but left untreated anxiety does lead to depression and ADD, my other diagnosis have taken years of therapy and professionals to diagnosis. So please from one survivor to everyone out there who has access to the internet please do the research, find out as much as you can about the way you are feeling, and do something now, don’t wait. Sorry Eva I know this was long, kinda like my blog, but I do find this issue very important, it is like a gateway to further problems if you don’t recognize the symptoms and do the research.

    Thank you,
    Dan Kline


    1. Hi Dan,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story!

      I went through the similar path…I was in the ER for 3 times with a panic attack (each time I was still afraid that I might be having a heart attack instead) until I decided to change my life and get rid of the anxiety. Then it still got worse for some time and the fourth ER visit also came, but eventually I got healed.

      So I spread exactly the same message to everyone – please get help as early as possible. I wish I had gotten help sooner, then my health wouldn’t have deteriorated to such a horrible place.

      The symptoms of panic attacks start very slowly and I had them already 4-5 years before the ER-panic-attack mode kicked in.

      All the best to you and let’s keep spreading our message! 🙂

      Much love!


  2. I was reading what you experienced and it pretty much described my experience! I pretty much went from being “normal” one day to panic stricken the next- it was insane! I too, am on the journey to share with others how to overcome. I walked through my journey for a year. Praise the Lord I’m standing on the other side now! Thanks for writing – I know for me one of the most encouraging things during my dark time was reading about others who could relate to me BUT who also walked out of it. So glad to know there are others sharing the message of hope.


    1. I’m so glad that you got to the other side. It really is great to be living without anxiety after experiencing it for a long time. 🙂

      Stories about ex-sufferers of mental illnesses were also very helpful for me during my dark time, so I totally relate to what you are saying. And it is also the reason I decided to share my story. Definitely start sharing your story too. As long as there are people out there still suffering from the same illnesses, ex-sufferers like us have to keep on spreading encouragement. 🙂

      Much much love!!!


    1. The “secret” for me was just a simple and continuous “positive brainwashing” mode – i.e. I cut out everything from my life that had a negative influence on me and replaced it with everything that has a positive influence. I just took it step by step and kept giving positive information to my brain daily.

      As a first step I quit the job that I really did not like, then I stopped watching the news, reading the news and listening to the news because there is too much negative in it. Then I started reading books that give me inspiration. Then I started meditating and doing EFT (emotional freedom technique) and so it all went until one day I felt the positive change in my thought patterns. (I also had a psychologist and a psychiatrist giving me advice parallel to all the “positive brainwashing” that I did by myself.)

      So as you can see, everything that I did is technically very simple, there is nothing complicated about it. The key to getting healed is just continuously giving yourself positive emotions and forcing yourself to focus only on the positive. At first it must be forced, but soon enough the brain will go on the automatic positive mode if you do not give it anything negative to focus on.


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