Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Childhood Trauma

E-book about overcoming anxiety, depression & childhood trauma


By Eva Tenter


  • Overcoming anxiety disorder, depression, panic disorder and eating disorders
  • Changing negative thinking to positive thinking
  • Overcoming childhood trauma

If you are, then this is a must-read book for you!Overcoming Anxiety Success Story by Eva Tenter

26 years with anxiety, depression and other stress induced mental illnesses

Eva Tenter

„Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer“ is a bold true story about the healing journey of the author herself.

After 26 years of anxiety, depression and other stress induced mental illnesses, Eva had finally had enough. She was very ill and knew that if she wanted to continue living, she would have to find a way out of all that negativity.

Although this final point of exhaustion should have taken place sooner, it didn’t. Like the majority of people, Eva did not stop the wheels of negativity until her health was shattered.

At first she didn’t have the faintest idea on what to do, but she had courage.

She had the courage to just take the first step and jump into the unknown…

Jump Into The Unknown

Jump Into The Unknown

Jump into the unknown

This jump was followed by a hectic couple of years of turning her life upside down and inside out, but she finally made it.

She was finally cured and also found happiness and love along the way.

On her journey, she learned about the secrets and techniques of many different alternative therapy methods, eliminating childhood trauma, metaphysics, quantum physics and much more.

Most importantly – she trained herself to think more positively. In the end, this turned out to be one of the key elements in her healing process.

After this really bumpy, but successful road, she thought: “My story could help so many others. Shouldn’t I share it?”

Teaching Happiness & Positive Thinking By Example

Eva Tenter

Eva Tenter

The rest is history and you can now, in addition to Eva’s blog “Power of Positive Thoughts”, read her first book „Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer“, where she very honestly describes the process she went through to be healed. Eva is not afraid to share anything, because she knows that it can help many people.

Eva sincerely hopes that her story gives you the courage, support and “insider” advice you need to start your own journey to health, love and happiness.

It took her 26 years to understand, what’s really important in life. She sincerely hopes that you do not make the same mistake and waste so many years of your life on negativity, when you could be happy instead.

Let's Fly

Let’s Fly © Eva Tenter

Eva’s Messages

Message to everyone:

  • All keys to your happiness, inner peace, joy, love and health are hidden inside you, not outside! Start looking for answers from inside and you will find all that you have been looking for.

Message to others with similar stress induced mental illnesses:

  • There is no need to fear psychologists, psychiatrists and other therapists, because they are usually very wonderful and helpful people.
  • Anxiety disorder, depression, panic attacks and eating disorders are absolutely curable illnesses.
  • If you are suffering from mental health problems, then start your healing journey by seeking and asking for help. Do not be afraid to talk about your mental problems.
  • A person suffering from depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks and/or eating disorders should not under any circumstances be considered as “insane” or “inadequate”. This kind of negative terms should not be used at all, because it is precisely because of the wide use of such terms that people are afraid to admit to themselves and to others that they might have problems mentally. Therefore, they also do not seek for help with these problems
  • The actual reasons behind mental illnesses are in the subconscious mind and they are stemming from a very early childhood.
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Benefits that you can gain by reading „Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer“:

  • You will see the full true story on how Eva got cured from eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks.
  • You will find out the subconscious negative thought patterns behind Eva’s mental illnesses that formed in a very early childhood.
  • You will find out, which childhood traumas and events caused these negative thought patterns to form in Eva’s subconscious mind.
  • You will find out how Eva got rid of these subconscious negative thought patterns.
  • If you have similar mental illnesses, then knowing her subconscious negative thought patterns will definitely lead you closer to your own healing. At the very least, her story will give you the courage to start your journey.


Below are testimonials from some of the readers of “Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer”:
Head of Legal DepartmentExceptionally honest end inspiring story about searching and finding one’s true self, happiness and peace. It is a catching story about hate and love, of sadness and joy. It’s a book that on the bookshelf has an honorable place beside Coelho, Sharma and all the other amazing authors that sincerely and kindly open people’s eyes, helping them to find their place in life and peace with themselves. What makes this book an extra bit more special is that when in most books the stories about finding happiness are told through fictional characters, then in this book the author shares with you her own experience authentically and shamelessly. The author invites you to share her road in the end of which you’ll find that the walk beside her has healed you as well.

COO (Chief Operating Officer) and LawyerReading this book made me realize that we live in a world that isn’t black or white and the constant obsession with being the best and living the life dictated by others can lead to severe deterioration of ones health. I especially liked the optimistic sub context of the book and it left me wanting for more.

Hotel Sales ManagerVery capturing and well written book with interesting and relevant illustrations. The book is definitely something that a person with same kind of mental illnesses can relate to and seek for help to improve his/her life!

AnalystI have known Eva for many years now and I can honestly say that this book must have been emotionally very difficult for her to write. However, I am very proud of her for writing it and for getting her messages out to the world. I definitely recommend this book to everyone! I also have to add that this book is written in a very fun key and it is very easy to read language-wise. Eva does not use any difficult medical terms or legal terms anywhere in the book.

While reading this book, I realized, how I have also made some wrong choices during my life that were not the ones I would have actually needed the most. This book gave me so much strength that I can now live a full life and enjoy the real values in this world. It is simply wonderful, how the author has written down all her emotions and feelings and described in detail the situations that were probably very shocking for her. She shares all this with us, so we would have the opportunity to make the right choices and not repeat the same mistakes. I do not know any other authors, who have written a book describing such dark details about their lives with sincere honesty and shared this information with the whole world. As far as I know, Eva is also the first person in Estonia, who has written a true story about her lifelong illnesses and is distributing it worldwide, without being afraid of any criticism or misinterpretation. This book has a lot to give to those, who currently have or have had the same kind of illnesses and also to those, who are seeking inner peace, happiness and love. This book teaches you to look inside into your own soul to find peace and to find out, what really matters for you.

I sincerely recommend this book to everyone, who has problems with “finding themselves” and also to people suffering from depression, mental terror or any other mental illness. I also especially recommend it to people facing some tough life-changing decisions. This book is meant for all of you! You will find the path to your inner peace and to your happy life from this book. I think it is just amazing to see through this book, how a person has transformed from an emotional wreck to a complete happiness bubble. I think it is even more amazing that she wants to share her story with us and help everyone find their own healing path. I am very grateful that the author has done so much to help others make the right choices in their lives and to be happy and loved. Many blessings to you, Eva! I am looking forward to reading your next book.


Below are some of the questions that the readers of “Confessions Of An Ex-Lawyer” have asked the author. All answers are given by the author.

Q: What is depression?

A: Depression is a mental illness. Read above this list of symptoms that I have brought out. Depression is usually diagnosed, when you have been feeling abnormally stressed out or down for a longer period (couple of weeks in a row) and you feel that you just cannot get out of this low anymore, no matter what you do. The actual diagnosis can of course be made only by a psychiatrist, therefore please consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible when you feel that you have mental problems.

Q: Is “Confessions Of An Ex-Lawyer” a true story?

A: Yes, this book is a true story from beginning to end.

Q: Will you write a sequel to the book “Confessions Of An Ex-Lawyer”?

A: Yes, I am planning to write a sequel to this book that will cover and give a reply to all the detailed questions that I received from the readers of “Confessions Of An Ex-Lawyer”.

Q: Is this book depressing to read?

A: No, definitely not. Although I wrote about my life and my experiences with the mentioned mental illnesses, the book is not meant to be depressing in any way. It is designed to send all readers a lot of love, support and inspiration. I have also included many photos in the book to illustrate my story and give many chances for the reader to take a thought pause.

Q: Is this book text only?

A: Absolutely not! Actually as a surprise to many people, this book contains many beautiful and inspiring photos.

Q: Is this book one of those boring educational/ medical books filled with tons of boring medical details?

A: No, definitely not. I can assure you that this is a fun and inspiring book to read. :)

Q: I don’t have a lot of time to read books. Is this one of those huge books that take forever to read?

A: No, absolutely not. I am not a fast reader myself, therefore I can relate to your situation very well. I actually also very much prefer to read books that are not “thousand-pagers”. And this is exactly why I intentionally designed this book to be a bit under 100 pages, which is suitable for readers of all kind. In addition, I can assure you that it is extremely fun and easy/ fast to read for those readers, who do wish / love to read books, however just do not have that many hours to spend behind them. This book also contains many inspiring and beautiful photos that are meant to make this particular reading experience even more enjoyable. So I would honestly say that this book is definitely suitable and fun to read for everyone.

Q: Do you use difficult legal or medical language in the book?

A: Absolutely not! I have never been one of those people, who uses only extremely specific and complicated legal terms or “smart words” in order to seem “smart” or “sophisticated”. So there is no need to fear anything like this. The book is written in everyday language that is easily understandable for everyone.

Q: It seems that it was not that long ago when you got healed. How can you be sure that you really are completely 100% healed by now?

A: Yes, this is correct, it is not that long ago when I got my healthy life back. However, by now I can really say that I feel healthy and I am back in my normal state, where I can work, live and be the person I am. As you can see from the Book Trailer (on YouTube), there was also a one-month period last year, when I could not go outside anymore. I could not go outside anymore, because I developed a serious agoraphobia (the fear of wide-open spaces), which meant that I got a panic attack immediately when I stepped out of the door of my home… In comparison to this state, I feel absolutely wonderful at the moment and I really am sure that I will never ever let my health get to such a bad place anymore.

Furthermore, I have built a very strong support group for myself that will guarantee that I will never fall back to such bad health. I have also implemented meditation and EFT (emotional freedom technique) into my everyday life.

I also recommend the same to everyone else – build yourself a strong support group, because no-one can ever say with 100% certainty that they are cured from an illness and that it will never come back, regardless of which illness it is.

Even in case of a broken bone, you cannot say that you will never break that same bone again in your life. Same goes for flu – if you have flu and you recover from it with one week, can you say that you will never get flu again? Of course not! So why do people think that the case is different with mental illnesses? We should all always continuously live a healthy life in all aspects and take action to prevent getting ill. This means taking care of ourselves daily, both physically and mentally.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents - Confessions of an Ex-Lawyer


Why am I revealing the “dark secrets” of my illnesses (yes, in plural) to everyone?

Firstly, I would like to state this very clearly that I do not intend to hurt anyone with my book or to get some sort of revenge. I do not hold a grudge against anyone, who has said something negative to me or about me at any stages throughout my life. My book is completely about healing, love and gratitude.

The purpose of my book is to spread the message that depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks are NOT incurable illnesses or something that make a person „disabled” or „crazy”. These illnesses should be thought of as only a temporary discomfort that can be healed as soon as you start looking inside of yourself, instead of looking outside.

I sincerely wish to share my story about my illnesses with all the „ugly details” and „dark secrets” in order to clarify, what exactly are depression, anxiety disorder / social anxiety and panic attacks from the „ill persons’“ perspective. And to clarify that if you have these illnesses, it does not mean that you are „crazy” or „inadequate” or „undeserving” or „disabled” (or whatever other negative term is used to describe the people with mental problems) in any way. These are only temporary illnesses and can be cured quite easily, once you admit to yourself that you are ill and start taking action to become healthy.

These are actually the two key decisions that you have to make for yourself.

In addition, you most probably need to face the fact that your life will change completely once you are cured. However, this change is definitely not something to be afraid of, instead, it will be an absolutely exhilarating freedom that you will be able to experience after you are cured.

Your life will become wonderful beyond any of your expectations and you will be wondering how was it even possible for you to be so negative before.

With this book I am sending out unlimited amounts of love, gratitude and support to everyone in the Universe and especially to those, who are still in the middle of their battle with these illnesses.

I love you all and hope you conquer your illness(es) sooner that you would have ever even imagined.


in picture form

 Find Your Inner Peace

Title: Your place of inner peace is waiting for you



13 thoughts on “Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Childhood Trauma”

  1. What a marvelous testimony to the resilience of human spirit! Good for you, Eva, for your life-changing transformation! I like your FAQs and really appreciated how well you describe the long term effects of a young child’s environment. Many people are unaware of how much their own childhoods affected them, or how much they are affecting their young children.

    • I agree, many people are still unaware and unfortunately many also become very angry and/or reluctant to hearing what is being said when hearing my story or someone else’s similar story. I hope to do everything that I can at least from my side to make this situation better. :)

  2. Eva, thank you for following my blog. I came over to learn about your blog. This blog thing is so much fun. It’s such a great way to encourage other writers and readers. I can appreciate where you came from and your testimony of overcoming is inspiring. Like you have beautifully pointed out, the root of many problems is in the mind. Proverbs says it this way, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” I am also going to follow your blog. I wish you much success with your book. Pamela

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