Cloud Game # 1

I believe that there can never be too many games or too much fun in this world, so today I’m starting a cloud game. 🙂

The game is very simple – I post one of my cloud photos and ask: “What do you see on the photo?” Your only task it to think creatively and add a comment on what you see.

Let’s begin… What do you see on this photo?

My reply – I see a turkey. 🙂

Cloud Game # 1
Cloud Game # 1

Wise Lesson from a Grumpy Cloud

Wise Lesson from a Grumpy Cloud

Today I spotted one really grumpy looking cloud.

This cloud made me think of our emotions and moods. More specifically, it made me think about this phenomenon that we usually call “a bad day”, “a bad hair day”, “feeling under the weather” etc.

I’m sure everyone has experienced those days, when everything seems okay and then suddenly this grumpy looking creature creeps in, drags our mood to a negative gear and tries to ruin our entire day by casting a huge shadow on it.

Well, I think there is a wonderful lesson to learn from this grumpy cloud being – we do not have to let it ruin anything! As we can see from the picture below, the grumpy dude is surrounded by many lovely and cheerful beings and all that actually needs to be done, is to wait for the wind to take the grumpiness away. And as we all know, wind moves pretty fast.

So the next time the grumpy fellow comes to visit, don’t say hallo and just wait for a minute or two. It will disappear. 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

One Grumpy Cloud
One Grumpy Cloud © Eva Tenter

Clouds Holding Hands

Clouds holding hands? How can clouds do that? Well, for me, clouds are not just clouds. I see them having rich personalities. I see them living a full life of their own. And I love to observe their lives.

This is one photo, where I see the love between the cloud families so beautifully presented. So I call this photo “Clouds Holding Hands”. 🙂

Clouds Holding Hands
Clouds Holding Hands

“Clouds Holding Hands” © Eva Tenter


Feel the Clouds

I can just feel the perfect fluffiness of clouds through this photo. Although I was standing on the ground, while taking this shot, for some reason this photo makes me feel as if I had been standing right in the middle of all those wonderful fluffy cloud friends. 🙂

Have a wonderful start of a new week everyone!