Clouds Holding Hands

Clouds holding hands? How can clouds do that? Well, for me, clouds are not just clouds. I see them having rich personalities. I see them living a full life of their own. And I love to observe their lives.

This is one photo, where I see the love between the cloud families so beautifully presented. So I call this photo “Clouds Holding Hands”. 🙂

Clouds Holding Hands
Clouds Holding Hands

“Clouds Holding Hands” © Eva Tenter


Mental Health Month – Abraham-Hicks – Chill your way into the vortex

May is Mental Health Month and today May 16th 2012 is the Mental Health Month Blog Party (#mhblogday). More about this event can be found from

I have been blogging with the aim to raise mental health awareness for quite some time now. I started this blog because I myself was previously suffering from different mental illnesses (for most of my life actually).

Now I am cured and I wish to spread the word around that:

1) it is possible to be cured from mental illnesses

2) there is nothing shameful about mental illnesses and admitting that you have such problems.

My book about my healing journey from depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, eating disorders and all other mental problems that came with these illnesses is also still out there for everyone to learn more about my personal healing journey –

In order to contribute to the Mental Health Month Blog Party, I would love to spread a bit of inspiration into the day via a speech by Abraham-Hicks. Since Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Joe Vitale and other Law of Attraction writers/speakers/mentors have been the No. 1 Key to my healing from all the abovementioned mental illnesses, I wish to join this excellent Blog Party with one of their videos. 🙂

Another wonderful speech by Abraham Hicks! – Chill / Soothe yourself into the vortex!

Mental Health Blog Party Badge

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