Abraham-Hicks – Today I want to have FUN!

Let’s have FUN! 🙂


Mental Health Month – Abraham-Hicks – Chill your way into the vortex

May is Mental Health Month and today May 16th 2012 is the Mental Health Month Blog Party (#mhblogday). More about this event can be found from http://www.yourmindyourbody.org/mental-health-month-blog-party-preview/

I have been blogging with the aim to raise mental health awareness for quite some time now. I started this blog because I myself was previously suffering from different mental illnesses (for most of my life actually).

Now I am cured and I wish to spread the word around that:

1) it is possible to be cured from mental illnesses

2) there is nothing shameful about mental illnesses and admitting that you have such problems.

My book about my healing journey from depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, eating disorders and all other mental problems that came with these illnesses is also still out there for everyone to learn more about my personal healing journey – www.evatenter.com

In order to contribute to the Mental Health Month Blog Party, I would love to spread a bit of inspiration into the day via a speech by Abraham-Hicks. Since Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Joe Vitale and other Law of Attraction writers/speakers/mentors have been the No. 1 Key to my healing from all the abovementioned mental illnesses, I wish to join this excellent Blog Party with one of their videos. 🙂

Another wonderful speech by Abraham Hicks! – Chill / Soothe yourself into the vortex!

Mental Health Blog Party Badge

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Healing with Ho’oponopono – Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale teaches how the ancient Hawaii healing method ho’oponopono works

Wonderful FREE ebook by Dr. Joe Vitale

U.S. marketing author Joe Vitale at "Big ...

Dr. Joe Vitale is a wonderful person and an amazing writer. He has written another classic book that is a must-read for everyone on the planet.

The book is called “Attract Money Now” and he is giving away the e-book version of it for FREE.

Go take a look on his website dedicated to this book: http://www.attractmoneynow.com/

Dr. Joe Vitale says:

“I want to help people out of the hole and into peace and prosperity.

The book is completely different from “The Attractor Factor” or anything else I’ve written or recorded.

Plus, it’s freeeee.

Whether you think money is spiritual or not doesn’t really matter when people are suffering without it.

I intend to make a difference.”

He has also asked everyone to distribute the word about this book, so please blog, tweet, press and pin the URL link and his message to everyone.

I have read the book and I loved it very much, exactly as much as I have loved all books by Dr. Joe Vitale. He is an amazing person!


The Secret – Movie – First 20 Minutes

There probably isn’t anyone left on the planet, who has not heard of this amazing movie…but just in case I am posting a reminder of it here.

I looove this movie!!!

Abraham Hicks – About The Year 2012

Another wonderful video by Abraham Hicks

Dr. Joe Vitale on The Secret Law of Attraction

joe vitale & calvin chipman
joe vitale & calvin chipman (Photo credit: Ralph Zuranski)

I sincerely recommend following Dr. Joe Vitale’s blog. He writes amazing articles.

Dr. Joe Vitale on The Secret Law of Attraction.