Sunset 18.10.2016 #sunset

All photos taken on October 18th, 2016 in Viimsi, Harju County, Estonia by Eva Tenter

© Eva Tenter

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Clouds Holding Hands

Clouds holding hands? How can clouds do that? Well, for me, clouds are not just clouds. I see them having rich personalities. I see them living a full life of their own. And I love to observe their lives.

This is one photo, where I see the love between the cloud families so beautifully presented. So I call this photo “Clouds Holding Hands”. 🙂

Clouds Holding Hands
Clouds Holding Hands

“Clouds Holding Hands” © Eva Tenter


The Halo


I saw the halo around the sun a couple of weeks ago. Wow this was such an amazing sight! And I believe that it must have a very special meaning … I don’t know what, but it must be something extra super special, because a rainbow around the sun doesn’t happen every day. 🙂

A few photos of it (I took these in Saaremaa, Estonia):

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The Amazing World of Clouds


As many of you already know, I love photographing clouds. And I mean love love love it! 🙂 So from now on, my cloud photos will also be one huge part of my blog. Especially during summertime, because this is the time when we get the greatest cloud shows here in Estonia.

For me personally clouds are not just formations of water droplets and I definitely do not consider them as “just clouds”. For me, each cloud is unique and precious and has a story to tell. 🙂

So here are my latest shots from the amazing world of clouds …

Have a great Monday everyone! 🙂