Everything is Love

“Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. Be silent.”

~ Rumi

Autumn Leaves
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Healing Tip by Rumi

“Doing as others told me, I was Blind.

Coming when others called me, I was Lost.

Then I left everyone, myself as well.

Then I found Everyone, Myself as well.”

~ Rumi

Cloud Reflections
Cloud Reflections © Eva Tenter

Business Tip by Rumi

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.”

~ Rumi

English: The worlds biggest wicker basket
The worlds biggest wicker basket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which One is the Right Path?

“Whatever purifies you is the right path, I will not try to define it.”

~ Rumi

Purifying Paths by Eva Tenter
“Purifying Paths” © Eva Tenter

Rumi About Love

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

~ Rumi

Cloud Reflections
“Cloud Reflections” © Eva Tenter

You Are the Moon and the Stars

“Let the waters settle

and you will see the moon and the stars

mirrored in your own being.”

~ Rumi

The Moon is the most common major object viewe...
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