Guardian Angels


I am a big believer in guardian angels.

I guess I have always been, but I did not know how to spot signs about them being present, until about a year ago. Until then, the only sentence about angels that was carved in my brain from an early childhood was from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” – “Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”

I don’t remember how I ended up doing research on this topic, but somehow I started looking for information on the signs and signals our guardian angels give us.

One particular find amazed me the most – some source said that whenever you see feathers, angels are near. I thought about it and wondered how this could be possible. I had never spotted any feathers just lying around on streets etc.

Well, now I know that it in fact is possible … during the past year I have seen feathers in many places where “normally” no feather should be. 🙂

In addition, I keep seeing angels in clouds … since I am a huge fan of clouds, then I guess this is no wonder. 🙂

For example here is one photo that I took a couple of days ago.
Such cloud formations are everywhere I go and I believe it is just miraculous. Especially because I did not see these kind of things before. I haven’t started taking pictures of the feathers that I see in odd places, but I think I will take that up as well. 🙂

The reason of this post is just to remind everyone that you are always protected, loved and cared for. The same goes out to everyone, who does not believe in angels (yet). I believe the loving field of protection is around us all and belief in it is not essential in order to receive the protection itself. However, if you start to believe then you start to see these wonderful signs of evidence everywhere (in different shapes and forms) and life just gets this colossal extra spark of lovely to it.

Also, I would love to hear which type of signs all of you see from your angels. I am guessing that there must be a lot of signs the angels give us in addition to feathers and clouds. 🙂

Have a beautiful and miraculous day everyone!!!